Greg Habstritt response

Fear and doubt contribute to more failures than any leading cause. Second is lack of preparation. Third is not staying true to ourselves. If distance was a measurement of success, aka ‘how far we come’ then legacy could not play it’s role. If background, education, or support is our set back we can always choose to control the things within our sphere of influence and accept that many things are beyond our control. Three most common excuses are health, we judge our willingness on how we feel physically or emotionally; education – not smart enough or got right credentials, and last is age – yup crossing the age barriers, learning from other peer groups, listening to advice and not sayin I am to old, not enough time, I am too young. People are saying why not all the times these days.

Most, and I mean most, young entrepreneur never get their true potential after making millions in real estate, internet marketing, doing start up companies. Some plateau while others continue to ride roller coaster of success saying to themselves, “Well I did this once, I can do it again”. They hope it will work this time, and go forward once again. Many had to write down and figure out what they want, what they have to give up. Then do it!

I have a ten step process that I use because I want things to be consistent with my belief system, and that has held me back, but keeps me grounded. Lol and I see from article above that my very core is risking my own success, my future, my sphere of influence. My biggest objection is believing other people really want to help.


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