Power of choice

People are struggling to overcome their egos, to loose the individualism, to accept their fate, to find their belonging, to make a difference with a risk, to be one with the universe. Are you one of those people? I was, and now each day is an awakening, a spiritual walk amongst other spirits. The suppression and insecurity I see in others is astonishing. Mentally our perceptions of right and wrong blemish in a mirage of false hope, and belief system that do not work. Do you have a plan? Do you even need a plan? To thy own self be blue or true? You have a choice. I have a choice. Find out what are your choices. Life is good. I am good. I am life, when life is good. Discover 10 steps to change your life. Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, much to tell. Offering 10 step programs to people wanting a choice. Breakthrough to the other side. Be free, be a life.

‘Paul Grogan’

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