Meez gil and I

My gil friend and I are starting a personal shopper. We buy products and have them shipped directly. We have partner stores with Sears, Kmart, Lands End, Bass Pro shop. We also cover most everyday use items.

We are looking for a few key partners. No one greedy, just honest folks, like us who could use an extra 500-1000 a month or more. There are some set up cost and fees so this is not right for everyone.

Basically, 300.00. Each consumer equals sales, equals a check. Just like a store with customers. What I am looking for is an owner – partner.

We want 90 clients in next 90 days. Every time we get a customer we tell them about your store. They buy from comfort of home. You get a check.

As a partner we set it up so it pays for itself. No worries about that. We are serious about providing good service, fair pricing, and making a profit.

If your interested, send an email to (that’s really me and my Gil friend.)

I will set up interview and see if you qualify. Naturally you can always decide to just be one of our customers. No hassle, no recruiting.

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