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All tall buildings should have a superslide. Paul M Grogan

Why do all great speakers tell us to be great listeners to win? Paul M Grogan

Thankful for the family that never calls, the invites that never come. The kind words only when putting out more funds, time, or energy that they can possibly return. The hours of sorting out missed addresses, new babies and anniversaries, cause you found out after the fact.

This holiday I will be grateful and thankful for all these things!

Cause when it goes the other way it feels so good. When the small kindness comes it feel as warm as the sun. It is better to give than receive so let it be. When the holidays come it will mean something to someone. It is best to be in good cheer all year. Least the holidays come and go, I will remain giving to those that need it, waiting for those that want it and striving to do it all over again next year. Knowing what I will be getting in return. The art of Thanksgiving is a way of living and giving. Paul M Grogan

I thought, if the world understood me, it would get easier. Once they did, it got tougher. Paul M Grogan

Review your post and post on forum 100. Review post and post on post 500. Review your post and send private analysis 1000.

Ability scores, the most basic statistics of a character, which influence all other statistics
Psionic ability, a superhuman ability stat that rarely, if ever, occurs by chance in some gifted characters
Extraordinary senses, what innately superior perceptions a (typically non-human) character might possess
Armor class, how well-protected a character is against physical attack
Hit points, how much punishment a character can take before going unconscious or dying
Saving throws, a character’s defenses against nonphysical or area attacks (like poisons, fireballs, and enchantments)
Attack rolls and attacks, how effectively a character can score hits against, and inflict damage to, another character
Skills, how competent a character is in various areas of expertise
Feats, what special advantages a character has through natural aptitude or training
Show Ability scores

BRP was developed from a core set of attributes similar to the original Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Size, Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Power, and Appearance (or Charisma)

Role playing game meets network marketing system. Make real money while you play. Next meeting on social network of your choice. Join a guild.

Let’s get it done Paul M Grogan

Blog Paul M Grogan

Humility on a boat is doing all you can when you can. Paul M Grogan

A socio path and a psycho -path was discussing. The socio was ranting and raving saying the whole world’s messed up.
The psychopath turned and said, “Let’s get ’em”. Paul M Grogan


‘Snuggleworks’ = fireworks and snuggling Paul M Grogan

Yikes, recently.

I ask for your forgiveness. It won’t happen again. Nothing was gained positive from it. I apologize and would like to make it right. Paul M Grogan


PaulMGrogan Realityto (RT)

Division of GSM LLC

We pay bills.

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable

We find and use effective savings and spending techniques to build the value of Grogan Manor and her members.

We set up multiple accounts to benefit members of Grogan Manor.

All purchases, and expense accounts go through this account.

This has to do with schedule A.
Bank 195076 deposit/ expenses


PaulMGrogan message

300 a day * 242 days = 72600 – taxes 15% = 61710 + rental triplex 10800 + rental house 10800 + rental house for mom 9000 = 92310 / 12 = 7692.50 minus mortgages = 2450.

W2 income Boat Captain employee
MWMM- Houses
Real estate investing investor
MyLB- Education
Marketing products self employed
GM- Vehicle
Marine ownership business owner

Are you tired of the ‘do nothing – get everything’ campaigns or the ‘I am rich so listen to me seminars’? How about this one, if your teachable, trainable, I can consume your time and energy to my cause. If you fail, it is because you do not believe. Paul M Grogan

Here is exactly how to make one million dollars. Using one technique, not using your own money. You will use your skills as a human being and your basic 7th grade reading and writing skills. Paul M Grogan

For years my friends have been saying, “Get to point Paul… Quit posting about nothing… Be the expert Paul, not the exper – iment.”

That was a humbling experience, to hear over and over again. Now I am the expert. I can tell you what does not work, I can tell you why they will not let you in, I can tell you that many people hunt for treasure while few collect, preserve, and display treasures.

Here is the formula for one million dollars.

Remember I am going to over simplify this. If this is not happening, nothing else will change. This one thing changes lives. The secret, millionaire mentality, wealth distribution key that unlinks all closed doors.

Send me your name, address, phone number, and real email address, your social blog(s), and the best time or way to contact you.

Because I am only one person, I can only accept 20 names and numbers. I will do this every 90 days. Yes I will do it again, no the offer does not expire soon, no the doors are not closing tomorrow. I will personally interact with you, no auto-responder ran by third party.

Paul M Grogan


Work Flow

GM family urgent, all issued to:
Member issues

PMG – self urgent, issued to:
New task, review task, manage task

MyLB – self important, review and file to: marketing, advertising

MWMM – family important, archives of all Documents. files

Scarcity mentality says, if you do not get the item from credit, then you cheated, you profited from someone’s loss, you are frugal and greedy. Paul M Grogan

Do we need unemployment? If unemployment is a factor, why not make it a grassroots agenda. Paul M Grogan

I know of five cities where there is more work than people. Paul M Grogan

Are you working for a wash machine? Paul M Grogan

I simply ask, how can this help me as an individual? I do not want to be part of the health, wealth problem. I do want to be part of the health, wealth solution. I really want good health, wealth results. I am willing to give up some small things to see immediate change. I am willing to do things differently on a daily basis to achieve the end goal. I am willing to share with other what works. I am willing, if necessary to ask for mentorship for a short period to get started. Paul M Grogan

PaulMGrogan game

Game plan:

100% return
10% return
5% return
1 to 3%

Paul M Grogan

PaulMGrogan crushit

Tweet this
Email that

Joel micro economics, 2500
Randy Moore 800

Auburn, Alabama – Ozark

UF – home

Cowboys – Abilene

Saints – workboats

Patriots – birth town

Buccaneers – hometown

Red Sox – birth town

Panthers High School

1- 10
2 20 30000
3 40 70000
4 80 150000
5 160 310000
6 320 630000
7 640 127000

Making millions on repost, affiliates, and information technology packaged in bundles. – anyone could start a web browser/ search engine through a portal. Paul M Grogan

Selling is not an exit strategy anymore. At least not a profitable one. Paul M Grogan

Guru says 10 words or less. Paul M Grogan

10 steps to success
•bank roll phone calls (Audio program) Paul M Grogan

I make existing groups bigger using 32 points reference system. (Work book) Paul M Grogan

(Visual Program)
I was looking at youtube as a tv channel and you are the network director, showing different content to complete your viewers needs. Social dynamics is a pivotal point in joining an organization. Paul M Grogan

9 categories of life (contextual Reading program)

-rules and regulations

•Cash vs Credit
•Your financial identity
•Networth vs Netvalue

•Demand vs supply

-it matters

– existing or new
•Speed of trust
•Quantitative review
•Cognitive audience

– data cards
•Sub categories

– private
– public

– first

9.About You
– self evaluation

Paul M Grogan

A woman’s word is like a great painting. It inspires and adds resolution in a man’s heart. It is her action that speak most of all. In his absence she draws her truest portrait. One that may or may not have him within the frame. Paul M Grogan

When interviewing people Use a yellow legal pad with a red pen. People see that as official. Then you give them a white paper with a black pen to write on or take notes. Then you sign all contracts with a blue pen. When taking product orders use a pencil and have eraser nearby. Doing these things and talking business makes you look sharp, sophisticated and interesting. PaulMGrogan

Some people believe I could keep them busy all day. You want a business where someone does work for you? We got it. You want a business that helps others and is simple and easy to use, we got it, and it’s attainable. You want a sophisticated network of true professionals, we got it. You just want to text and make money, we got it. Put it all together and you have a team of hugely successful people. Paul M Grogan


In A View of the Evidences of Christianity (1794), William Paley wrote:

“The infidelity of the Gentile world, and that more especially of men of rank and learning in it, is resolved into a principle which, in my judgment, will account for the inefficacy of any argument, or any evidence whatever, viz. contempt prior to examination.” [3]

In this context, Paley was trying to give reasons why the Christian faith was rejected by the ancient Greeks and Romans. He was trying to boil down the cause of their non-belief to a single principle.


Am I open to other people’s ideas?
Do I listen more than I talk?
Am I open to changing my opinion based on new information?
Do I readily admit when I am wrong?
Do I observe before acting on a situation?
Do I ask questions?
Am I willing to ask a question that will expose my ignorance?
Am I open to doing things in a way I haven’t done before?
Am I willing to ask for directions?
Do I act defensive when criticized, or do I listen openly for truth? Paul M Grogan

Video update monthly
Podcast weekly
Facebook daily
Tweet eventually
Text privately
Email based on campaign
Archive everything – using Blog format
Quarterly live meetings
Annual events
Semi-annual leadership conferences Paul M Grogan


Water theme park

Oil Patch Or The Port

Derrick barge
Candle stick
Inferno slide
The crane
Swamp gas
Semi submersible
Work boat
Tug boat
Helicopter lifts
The docks
Holding tanks

Chain locker
Engine room
Rudder room
Shaft alley way
The bilge
The void tank
Anchor windlass

Abandon Ship
Fire drill
General Alarm
One whistle, two whistle

Flashing lights

Casing, joints, slicker joints
Control room
Bosun chair
The mast
The bridge

State rooms. Paul M Grogan


Some people put to much worth on being right all the time. Paul M Grogan

I realize I ask the wrong questions quite often. Paul M Grogan

Being the center of attention just makes you the monkey in the middle. Paul M Grogan

How powerful is it, to know that you know? Paul M Grogan

Everyone has a good story and a bad story. Paul M Grogan

There is a way to care about people without getting in their business. Paul M Grogan

My thoughts will come and go, it’s my actions they will remember. Paul M Grogan

The only thing we are really accountable for is our time. Paul M Grogan

Time can be the greatest ROI or become the worst liability. Spend it wisely. Paul M Grogan

Cash is king to the prince of pennies, it’s our time that has real value. Paul M Grogan

Speed, Time, and Distance – use any two to factor the third one. Paul M Grogan

What Latitude are you on? Paul M Grogan

What Longitude are you on? Paul M Grogan

I make existing groups bigger using 32 points reference systems. Paul M Grogan

You can be the expert or the exper-iment, it all starts the same. Paul M Grogan

There is a tree in the forest that grows a fruit. Inside the fruit is a seed. When removed and planted that seed becomes a tree. Eating of the tree is not the same as planting the seed. Planting the seed outside the forest does not work due to pollination from other fruit bearing trees. Moral: If someone gives you a seed, and not shown you the source, then you have been fooled. Believe no more in the seed or the tree alone, rather – believe in the forest for it holds the tree and the fruit and the seed and the needed pollen. You need a forest not a seed. Paul M Grogan

You can not produce something that cost more in waste than it saves in energy. Paul M Grogan

Concept of the day:

The horn now blows a picture.

Floating dock @ rigs

Pop up houses for homeless, includes the heated logs, you shake them, break them and they heat up a 5*5*5 area.

What’s the point of connectivity if it comes in 5GB blocks?

Life blogging, it could mean something to someone.

I love making people feel good and think good. Paul M Grogan

It all starts when you find favorable work in your own home town. Paul M Grogan

Fundamentally, I do not believe in holidays. Paul M Grogan

The real steps to prosperity is having a process that eliminates the things that will get in your way. Paul M Grogan

How to kill a dream: over fertilize it. How to over-grow a dream, fertilizer, then over water it.
How to live a dream: Balance Paul M Grogan

Here is an example. Only check your mail on Fridays. So you get mail 4 times a month?

I have not looked at my mail in over 6 years.

When I took a trip to Central America I learned a valuable lesson. They do not send you a bill, you just pay it or they shut it off. Water, phone, electric. Amazing concept? Tree saving concept?

Not really, they just want to save money.

Open your sails and see the world, close your sails and drift in the open sea. Paul M Grogan

Have you ever heard of The Bottlenose Foundation?

Probably not – because I just made it up.

I believe everywhere there is an offshore disaster, there are Bottlenose Dolphins. What if they could talk, and tell us what’s happening. Well they can not talk. Communicate yes, we can talk.

My name is Paul M Grogan.

It’s not always about right or wrong, rather what is left that makes a difference Paul M Grogan

The dryer keeps shrinking my clothes.

I continued to look for a mentor until the day came and I was one. Paul M Grogan


What am I missing: Discipline, Skill, Knowledge, Awareness, or Connection? Paul M Grogan


Isn’t it awesome that no matter what life puts in your path, you always have something to offer, something to give? That’s why the VEMMA business is so great. No matter where you are in life, business, or otherwise – Vemma can fit. Be a go giver – not a go getter. Paul M Grogan


Thursday is an American rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Formed in 1997 , the group has released six full-length albums, …

The English god Thunor (the Norse Thor), after whom Thursday is named, by Mårten Eskil Winge, 1872



Crazy is on this side of brilliance, not the other side. Paul M Grogan

Before baptism ~ most folks don’t see what the big deal is

I have choices, without choices there is no hope, with choices there are decisions to be made.

“Today I have plenty of choice to help make educated decisions.” Paul M Grogan

Manic Monday

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