Mentor says

The moment you leave your success or failure up to what direction the market goes, you’re in TROUBLE. Blindly buying any kind of asset because you’re trying to “time the market” and hoping it goes up, you’re now in serious jeopardy. You have no control over your returns, and you’re practicing the single MOST popular … More Mentor says

10 sayins

10 sayings Want Don’t want Give up Action Stepping Stones Testimony Why Don’t Share/ Help others Success ***************************** Want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) c) 3. To do a) b) c) Don’t want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) c) … More 10 sayins

Run an Energy Station.

Run an Energy Station. Slowly becoming the world’s most popular energy drink. Your role – make sure the energy is available. Tiny particles called ions float through the body, to get real energy you got to feed those ions. Constantly balancing and refueling the cells. Most products stimulate – our bioavailable system penetrates with a … More Run an Energy Station.


What’s in Hourglass? As sand falls through the hourglass, time erodes. In fact each time I see the hourglass I realize that time has lost another grain. I am persuaded with phrases of less than 160 characters to join in other people’s hourglass, and now we have multiple time eroding. How many hourglasses can we … More HourGlass

I Love You

***** Different Ways To Say “I Love You” ***** 1. a) Arabic — Ana behibak (to male) 1. b) Arabic — Ana behibek (to female) 2. Bavarian — I mog di narrisch gern 3. Bengali — Ami tomake bhalobashi 4. Brazilian (Portuguese) — Eu te amo 5. Bulgarian — Obicham te 6. Burmese — Chit … More I Love You


azimuth Dr L Lo Zt Zd Gmt Ct Ce Cct Gmt Gha M+S Gha Long Lha Dec Corr Dec 1. L 2. Dec 3.LHA T V M D C T E G


Dr L Lo Zt Zd Gmt Ct Ce Cct Gmt Dec Corr Dec 1. L 2. Dec T V M D C T E G

Tatyana Gann

When it comes to effective publicity, business owners immediately feel stuck! They become afraid of the media and what they need and want from your story. Last week I was at the MTV Movie Awards style lounge, a gifting lounge for celebrities and media, and every reporter, journalist, and editor I spoke with wanted a … More Tatyana Gann