Task 10262011

PaulMGrogan ToDo Calendars updated Follow up on responses Done GoTv ToDo Monitor GoTV, Greater spill, support gulf Done MyLunchBasket ToDo Repost Vemma blog updates Done GroganManor ToDo Post helper wanted Sync Calendars create info sheets for car, home, education, sales Done GroganManor Properties ToDo Create property cards Create tenant cards Create non disclosures Create inventory … More Task 10262011

Lifestyle Services

Lifestyle Services by Paul M Grogan. We do what you don’t want to. Organize, Clean, Run Errands, Complete Task, Report Results. Programs that really save time and money. Grogan Manor Property (management) 1. A full Suite of services You can have it all. 2. Assistant manager specials – you name the price 3. Top pick … More Lifestyle Services


Any one need virtual assistance, busy working, typing, online service, organizer, database management? I do the busy work, so you don’t have to. Travel schedule arrangements, bookings, online ticketing, meeting setups, etc. Rates start as low as 7.50 an hour, up to 30.00. First five people get 10 hours free. PaulMGrogan

10 sayin’s

10 sayin’s Want Don’t want Give up Action Stepping Stones Testimony Why Do nots Share/ Help others Success ***************************** Want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) c) 3. To do a) b) c) Don’t want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) … More 10 sayin’s