World banking                          2m 6s

Financial Systems                     2m 543s

Open an account                      2m 58s

Disqualify                                 3m 10s

Sign up now                             2m 53s

Obstacles                                 2m 52s

What’s Next                             2m 42s

Opening Doors                         2m 25s

Decide who you want               2m 49s

Detours                                    2m 41s

Catalyst of change                    3m 3s

What is a sale                           2m 45s

Work with upline                      2m 52s

Nuts and bolts receiving            2m 58s

Build yourself                            2m 46s

Bring joy to group                     2m 51s

Asian in organization                 2m 52s

Attrition in network                   2m 50s

Cross pollination                       2m 42s

Building Small Groups               2m 56s

Quality leaders                          2m 44s

Edification process                    2m 45s

Art of duplication                      2m 46s

Retain and obtain                      3m 5s

Power of 83                             3m 37s

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