The Power of 83

Hi, I’ve been doing some research (?? and data) and I’ve come across a simple concept to get our head wrapped around a few small things that will clarify exactly what the end goal is and how we take that end goal and make it a game plan.

We are going to look at finite numbers. One finite number that I’ve discovered is the number 83. The number 83 creates the group that gets you direct with the right number of participants. It will give you two leaders and will be self generating, so if one leader goes out, you will have another leader coming in. You will definitely have momentum and growth will be self perpetuating.

We take that finite number, 83, and multiply it by six. You get 498 which is the magical number that you want to have in your database. When you have 498 people, you can say you have arrived.

Each person can hone in and focus on their 83 people. If you have six groups focusing on the 83 people, then you will have the level of leadership that is considered “attainable”. Then we look at what numbers we would need to see in order to have a gathering of 83 people (a church, or social organization).

We know that generally speaking, we’re looking for less than 1% of the population. If all we did is look at 83 people representing 1%, we would want to look first in the areas of 10,000 people. 83 divided by 10,000 is .008 and you want .005. If you go into an area of 10,000 people and you market properly, you should find your half percent. That is a pretty good number and from that village of 10,000 people, you can really hone in on who your leaders are.

Farm and fish out a group of 10,000 people and look for the 83. In that 83, look for your leaders.

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