Buy a boat

I am going to buy a boat so I can build a cowboy church community. The community will build, repair, rehab 75 homes. The trust will be set up with each home to keep families in a god situation that supports education. We will use products, tools, and events to support the movement. Administration shall handle research, billing, and time management. I will add this to my resume and online profile as it progresses in the community. The model is not a single person or single income process. We will display multiple income streams and work with different agencies to get the results we desire.

The numbers look like this:
Over 225 people involved.
Resources come from 5 different sources.
Proximate value 7500000 to 12500000
Annual administration cost is 45,000
Taxes 88000
Maintenance 150,000
Or 312 dollars a month per unit.

The blue print for this will be readily available within the charter of the trust and can be duplicated.

Or I can go fishing like a normal person and watch someone else do it. As suggested by some close friends.

#progress #bluebulbproject #paulmgrogan #mylunchbasket #groganmanor #gotv24

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