11812 the bluebulbproject is working on a secret project called tapestry. The five year anniversary is coming of a national event and we want the remembrance and conscience level of this event be fresh on the minds of every decision maker, every legislative body. To do this we need your support and contributions. Over 300 … More Community

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Maintaining an optimistic or enthusiastic outlook. Deep understanding, insight, knowledge, ability to make good judgement. Intense, emotional excitement, boundless enthusiasm. Holding a position of importance, high standing or prestige. Authority, control, command, clout. Moving forward towards clear defined goals or flexibly altered goals. The quality of being true, genuineness. Willingness to take calculated risk, operating … More About Paul


Manic@Sea 12812 All the presidents history should be aired by all federally funded TV during the election. One hour of our past presented each day before Election Day every year. Less than 60 hours each beginning with a group reading of the Constitution. 12312 Dominoes Effect The number of moving parts in a system is … More Manic@Sea


We started off learning about the timeline of a bill: Set up account (like electric) Make deposit Get a reading date (last date the record activity) They submit to billing The send you a bill You have two to three weeks to pay ‘on time’ The ‘due date’ is actually the late date Now they … More GoTv24