Goal Tracking Week of: 21/10/2013 Day: __________ Month: ____________ Year: _________ Client name: Paul M Grogan ___________________________________ Phone # 325-439-1256 _____________________________​ E-mail:​ PaulMGrogan@gmail.com ___________________________________________________________________________ Goals I Achieve this YEAR: 1) Set up a full online suite for personal branding for sole proprietorship. 2) Create a client base of 20 for 1099 via MyLunchBasket. 3) Establish … More Goals

Magic Wand

1. When my life is ideal, I am spending time with Mom (alone time). 2. When my life is ideal, I am vacationing with Dad (alone time). 3. When my life is ideal, I am hanging out with Family. 4. When my life is ideal, I am traveling to exotic locations. 5. When my life … More Magic Wand


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