@maryjblige tweeted: The London Sessions available NOW for Pre-Order. Get “Therapy” now. https://t.co/NVfWEpEHVS http://t.co/6ODYQpm5PJ

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The London Sessions available NOW for Pre-Order. Get "Therapy" now.
itun.es/us/VjL02 pic.twitter.com/6ODYQpm5PJ

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It’s not surprising that mediocre battery life has failed to torpedo the new iPhones –on.mash.to/1wUbVRX

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Paul Grogan
Ortiz breaks Ted Williams’ BoSox record for most 30-HR, 100-RBI seasons fb.me/3km2vqBXk

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@maryjblige records #TheLondonSessions with huge British artists like @disclosure @emelisande & more. Pre order now!

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Paul Grogan
@WSJ: The "rent is too damn high" candidate, Jimmy McMillan, is running for governor again. on.wsj.com/1wVrVmD/s/GSZW http://t.co/dR
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I’m getting old. I know this bc I am starting to not recognize people on the cover of shitty gossip magazines.
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