@littlebigtown tweeted: RT to celebrate… #GirlCrush hits country radio today! Heard it on your local station yet?

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RT to celebrate… #GirlCrush hits country radio today! Heard it on your local station yet? smarturl.it/GirlCrush pic.twitter.com/ejb6kSSWAi
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Fun time yesterday at the American Country Countdown awards show rehearsal. kixbrooks @kelly_clarksoninstagram.com/p/wpBzV8oRRl/
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Obama says U.S. ‘hammering’ ISIS in speech to troops
128x128_cnnbrk_avatar_reasonably_small.gif CNN Breaking News is tweeting about this.
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Happy holidays from me and my cousins to you and yours. pic.twitter.com/nFfPFesdTH
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Just another day at the office for @kobebryant. Congrats on moving into 3rd place. pic.twitter.com/LLLnVuyWHD
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Ralph Marston
Often, the effort spent avoiding a difficult challenge is more demanding and burdensome than the challenge itself.
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