Justin Bieber tweeted: Here it is. Now let’s take the song to #1!!!! Art by the people! #WhereAreUNowMusicVideo

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Here it is. Now let’s take the song to #1!!!! Art by the people! #WhereAreUNowMusicVideo
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Positive thinking is always greater. Have an amazing week! #MondayMotivation
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Jam out at the Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival on July 11 bit.ly/1EPs61r @thefloridakeys
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WA Emergency Mgmt
An emergency declaration has been issued by @ChelanCountyEM for #sleepyhollowfire Details in the picture #WaWILDFIRE
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All looking great!! Thank you to these great doctors and nurses and Jello.
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Tomorrow I will be taking over the @iHeartRadio account at 2:30 PM EST to answer your questions! Please use #iHeartPitbull
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