11812 the bluebulbproject is working on a secret project called tapestry. The five year anniversary is coming of a national event and we want the remembrance and conscience level of this event be fresh on the minds of every decision maker, every legislative body. To do this we need your support and contributions. Over 300 … More Community

About Paul

Maintaining an optimistic or enthusiastic outlook. Deep understanding, insight, knowledge, ability to make good judgement. Intense, emotional excitement, boundless enthusiasm. Holding a position of importance, high standing or prestige. Authority, control, command, clout. Moving forward towards clear defined goals or flexibly altered goals. The quality of being true, genuineness. Willingness to take calculated risk, operating … More About Paul


Manic@Sea 12812 All the presidents history should be aired by all federally funded TV during the election. One hour of our past presented each day before Election Day every year. Less than 60 hours each beginning with a group reading of the Constitution. 12312 Dominoes Effect The number of moving parts in a system is … More Manic@Sea

Thought Leaders

Are you: a thought leader, process leader, approach leader, or social leader? #PMG #YPR Thought leaders makes others think broader or more precise. Process leaders put things in sequence. Approach leaders create systems and checks. Social leaders bring key people together.


Poverty There is no such thing as starvation, there is only destruction of the terrain. Fix this and you eliminate poverty. This leads to portion control and sub-stains of life as we know it. The right of ownership and the ownership of right vs wrong. What is it that we posses and is it worth … More Poverty

Pros and Cons

The cons: Not being able to see the beauty that was pieced together by a wonderful person. The pros: Now she will have multiple projects to ‘fix’. The cons: Not that I loose a lover, more that I loose a friend. The pros: The third party ‘that did all the talking’ feels important and appreciated. … More Pros and Cons

This day

Accredited defined under SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D, this refers to people and entities that are permitted to buy Securities in a Private Placement. The term covers virtually all the types of institutions that are participants in the Private Placement market, and also includes people who are either rich or sophisticated. It is, of … More This day

Treasure Hunt

Looking for great signatures to end articles, emails, letters, postcards. Should we use same on all or use each type different as they did in times of a seal or ring stamp? Should signature include link(s)? Ease of use, should Facebook (social media) posting be as simple as forwarding email? How do we format for … More Treasure Hunt

Share/ Help Others

10 sayin’s Want Don’t want Give up Action Stepping Stones Testimony Why Do nots Share/ Help others Success ***************************** Share/ Help others 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) c) 3. To do a) b) c) I Want__________. I Don’t want___________. I understand I have to give up _________. … More Share/ Help Others