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Updated online profile

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Poverty There is no such thing as starvation, there is only destruction of the terrain. Fix this and you eliminate poverty. This leads to portion control and sub-stains of life as we know it. The right of ownership and the ownership of right vs wrong. What is it that we posses and is it worth … More Poverty

Buy a boat

I am going to buy a boat so I can build a cowboy church community. The community will build, repair, rehab 75 homes. The trust will be set up with each home to keep families in a god situation that supports education. We will use products, tools, and events to support the movement. Administration shall … More Buy a boat

Pros and Cons

The cons: Not being able to see the beauty that was pieced together by a wonderful person. The pros: Now she will have multiple projects to ‘fix’. The cons: Not that I loose a lover, more that I loose a friend. The pros: The third party ‘that did all the talking’ feels important and appreciated. … More Pros and Cons

10 things I will do on land

GoTv24 scheduler 1. Wednesday: Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- Return Home via New Orleans 2. Thursday: Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- Plastic Surgeon @Villages 3. Friday Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- 4.Saturday Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- 5. Sunday Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- Mom says Church, did I mention ‘Mom’ 6. Monday Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- Dental full x-ray @Inverness 7. Tuesday Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- … More 10 things I will do on land


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