We started off learning about the timeline of a bill: Set up account (like electric) Make deposit Get a reading date (last date the record activity) They submit to billing The send you a bill You have two to three weeks to pay ‘on time’ The ‘due date’ is actually the late date Now they … More GoTv24

Buy a boat

I am going to buy a boat so I can build a cowboy church community. The community will build, repair, rehab 75 homes. The trust will be set up with each home to keep families in a god situation that supports education. We will use products, tools, and events to support the movement. Administration shall … More Buy a boat

Lifestyle Services

Lifestyle Services by Paul M Grogan. We do what you don’t want to. Organize, Clean, Run Errands, Complete Task, Report Results. Programs that really save time and money. Grogan Manor Property (management) 1. A full Suite of services You can have it all. 2. Assistant manager specials – you name the price 3. Top pick … More Lifestyle Services