Buy a boat

I am going to buy a boat so I can build a cowboy church community. The community will build, repair, rehab 75 homes. The trust will be set up with each home to keep families in a god situation that supports education. We will use products, tools, and events to support the movement. Administration shall … More Buy a boat

Ten Sayin’s

Nothing else matters until you try to change. Ten sayin’s What do you want What do you not want What will you give up What actions will you take What are the stepping stones What examples do you follow What is your why What should you avoid doing What are the areas you can help … More Ten Sayin’s

10 sayin’s

10 sayin’s Want Don’t want Give up Action Stepping Stones Testimony Why Do nots Share/ Help others Success ***************************** Want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) c) 3. To do a) b) c) Don’t want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) … More 10 sayin’s