The Power of 83

Hi, I’ve been doing some research (?? and data) and I’ve come across a simple concept to get our head wrapped around a few small things that will clarify exactly what the end goal is and how we take that end goal and make it a game plan. We are going to look at finite … More The Power of 83

10 sayin’s

10 sayin’s Want Don’t want Give up Action Stepping Stones Testimony Why Do nots Share/ Help others Success ***************************** Want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) c) 3. To do a) b) c) Don’t want 1. Place to go a) b) c) 2. Things to buy a) b) … More 10 sayin’s

Power of 83

Power of 83 Retain and obtain Art of duplication Edification process Qualify leaders Building small groups Cross pollination Attrition in network Asian in organization Bring joy to group Build yourself Nuts and bolts receiving Work with upline What is a sale Catalyst of change Detours Decide who you want to be Opening doors What’s next? … More Power of 83