Thought Leaders

Are you: a thought leader, process leader, approach leader, or social leader? #PMG #YPR Thought leaders makes others think broader or more precise. Process leaders put things in sequence. Approach leaders create systems and checks. Social leaders bring key people together.


Poverty There is no such thing as starvation, there is only destruction of the terrain. Fix this and you eliminate poverty. This leads to portion control and sub-stains of life as we know it. The right of ownership and the ownership of right vs wrong. What is it that we posses and is it worth … More Poverty

New Keyboard

I got the wireless keyboard for the Ipad and i am using it on the iphone to update my wordpress so hopefully I can blog on a more consistent basis. Although I still work offshore and love the offshore lifestyle, the lack of internet is still a mystery to me since tax payers paY FOR … More New Keyboard


PaulMGrogan ***A River of Opportunity*** Leadership •Resume Services Paper, yea the old fashion kind •Online Profile Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger •Community Programs -BlueBulbProject -Citrus County Jobs -Citrus County Events -Citrus County News ******************************* GoTv ***’R $ystems R Timeless’*** Management •Research and Marketing Consumer Price Index Regional Demographics Gulf Oil Spill •Time Management Calendar •Billing Services … More Finally


My LunchBasket LLC Product Info Complete nutritional package in a liquid form. One shot delivery system. No pills. One month supply per order. Money back guarantee. Testimony Central nervous system and anti-inflammatory story resolutions Side Benefits People associations Not a lot of meetings Product works On demand delivery system allows fresh products more often Tools … More Overall

Mobile Layout 10 step

My Lunch Basket Your Phone (Person’s Name) Want Do not want Give up Action Stepping Stones Testimony Why Don’ts Share / Help Others Repeat* Stories of Success Next # Coach Presentation Power of 83 7 min portal Twitter/Facebook Group Associated